All bookings include: an in-person or video consultation meeting over a hot beverage (or something stronger), emails galore, a wedding questionnaire, a downloadable gallery of high-resolution images, & a shareable gallery link for friends and family.

No. 1

5 hours

A simple package for those who want to capture the important moments. Ideal for smaller weddings with a casual vibe. 300+ individually edited images delivered in your online gallery.


No. 2

8 hours

The perfect package for capturing prep through first dance, with small to medium sized guest lists. 400+ individually edited images and a luxury USB posted to your door.


No. 3

11 hours

Amazing for larger weddings, epic dancing shots, and everything in between. 500+ individually edited images, a luxury USB, 20 4"x6" prints, all packaged up in a presentation box.


Extras & Bespoke

Don't think you quite fit into one of the packages?? No problem at all! We can discuss custom pricing, second shooters, albums, and even destination weddings over email or consultation anytime.


I absolutely love portrait sessions, and every shoot will be bespoke to fit your needs. Engagement, maternity, family, personal branding... there is no limit to what we can create.

All Portraits

1.5 hours

In-person or video consultation meeting to discuss the theme of the shoot. Downloadable gallery of high-resolution images, complete with a shareable link for friends and family to view.


Add Ons

At any point before or after the shoot, we can tack on a USB, prints, extra shoot time, or any other special touches to make your session exactly what you want.

Q & A

Is there a deposit to book my date?

Yes, there is a deposit of £300 to book me for your wedding date.


As people plan their weddings months and years in advance, photographers also book their clients upwards of 6+ months prior to the wedding. Should a client cancel my services with only a few months before their wedding, it is unlikely that I will be able to fill that date in my calendar with another job. The booking fee, then, covers the loss of earnings for that day.

Do you offer videography services?

Funny you should ask, because I happen to be married to one! My husband is an established wedding photographer, and we love working together on projects. You can see his portfolio at Feel free to send him a message directly, or include it in your message to me. We can even set up a joint consultation meeting so you can tell us about your wedding together.

Can I have the RAW files?

Photographers and videographers get asked this question all the time, and the short answer is no. RAW files are unprocessed image files as captured by the camera's sensor. They contain an incredible amount of information, and also take up a s**t ton of space. Until they are converted into high-resolution JPEG files, they can only be read by image processing programs such as Photoshop and Lightroom. The RAW files from just one wedding can take up to 70+ GB of space!

That was the technical answer, but I understand that you're probably asking more about just having all of the images from the day, unedited. Here's more of the reasons why we don't normally offer them to clients...

When photographers and videographers are hired, we're hired for our eye, our expertise, and our personal style of work. Selecting and editing the best images of the shoot is a massive part of that, and our work is only complete once we finish that last and most important step of the job. We carefully omit images from your gallery for lots of reasons, including blinking, unflattering faces, blurriness, bad angles, poor exposure...the list goes on! What you get in your album is the best of the best, and we are a direct representation of those images.

Please rest assured that I work hard to deliver the best images to you, and my aim is always quality, not quantity.

Will I own the images once they're delivered to me?

Yes and no... I'll explain. As the creator of the images, I will have copyright and ownership of the images. When they are delivered to you, you then have printing rights to the images, which means you can print them, post them, blog them, send them to grandma, etc. Pretty much, all the things you want them for in your personal life. What you don't have the right to do is re-edit them, sell them, use them for marketing purposes to earn a profit, or claim them as your own. Those rights will always stay with the original creator. I doubt that you'd want to use your wedding or portrait session for any of these purposes, but it's worth a mention.

What is a "second shooter", and do we need one?

A second shooter is a second photographer, chosen and hired by myself, who will shoot along side me on your wedding day. They are trained professionals who shoot under my direction. At the end of the night, they give me their images and I edit them along with my images to make a beautiful gallery for you.

Having a second shooter is a great idea if you're having a large wedding with a lot of guests. With two photographers you get more coverage of the day, and a variety of angles and compositions from the same moments. Also, if you and your partner both want photos of you getting ready in different locations, a second shooter is needed.

As much as I would LOVE to be in 2+ places at once, I just can't seem to train my body to do it yet!


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