Free From Festival 2018

Free From Festival 2018

A Celiac’s Paradise In London

As a diagnosed celiac of three years, a home baking foodie, and a photographer drawn to pretty colorful things, nothing ticks all the boxes like the Free From Festival! When I first moved to London, the Free From Christmas Food Festival was my introduction into these events. Being in a room filled with food and drinks that were all GLUTEN FREE?! It felt like I was floating on a rainbow cloud of happiness…with unicorns…feeding me cake (you mean you don’t have this fantasy??).

Last Monday was the May Free From Festival at Old Spitalfields Market down the road from me in Shoreditch, and it was bigger and better than my last experience. Everything from raw vegan cakes, to kombucha, to gluten free bread, to vegan tofu fish and chips! The food porn was a sight to behold. Along with delicious food and drinks, there were also beauty products, demonstrations, speakers, and my favorite food app Eat Safe(a search engine to find restaurants based on your food preference, and see what you can eat at each one!).

Here are some delicious photos from the festival for you to oogle at…

PJ Kombucha

Elspeth’s Kitchen


Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea

Green Sisters


B Raw Cakes

Nora’s Brownies

Promise Gluten Free

Nauty By Nature

Old Spitalfield Market

The Free From Festival is hands down the best food event in London if you have allergens or restrictions! Sample delicious food, nom on hot and spicy meals to fuel your day, and grab loafs of bread and cakes to take home for later. Check them out here for more info on upcoming dates.

I love photographing food on location, especially in natural light settings such as festivals and kitchens. If you’re in need of fresh new shots of your cuisine, send me a message so we can get started!

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