Hi, I'm Hannah

I’ve been a photographer since I was 15 and my dad handed me his old Pentax film camera from way back when. I spent the rest of high school in a darkroom, which I usually had to myself because I was one of the only members of the photography club. University happened, and although I tried to choose a more “practical” major, photography won. Never able to decide where I wanted photography to take me, I traveled, worked abroad, and shot a little of everything for years. Last year I helped shoot a wedding for the first time, and fell in love instantly. The energy of the day, the beautiful details, and the wonderful people full of excitement (and booze) make this the best job I can imagine.


More about me you ask?? Fine, if you must know, my life doesn’t only consist of my eyeball squished on a viewfinder and tendinitis. When I’m not fussing over photo work, you’d probably find me rock climbing, a passion of mine for over 10 years. I also love baking delicious gluten free goodies (I’m coeliac, so no gluten for me!), knitting and crocheting all sorts of random things, and COFFEE. That last one is in all caps for emphasis, because if I’m not drinking coffee, I’m thinking about when the next appropriate time will be to drink coffee.



07709 690039